My probelm was:  I had no energy in one leg for months. Because of that, I could't stand any more.

 I had already tried so many things (conventional medicine) but noone could help me.

I met Sifu Andrew Barnett through friends. He understood the root of the problem immediately and agreed to help me. I was able to stand already after his first treatment! We expanded and deepend the success of the first session in the following 3 sessions. The result is that now - after only 4 sessions - I am able stand up on my own!

It's incredible for me and I am so happy!

Many heartfelt thanks, Sifu!!!


Events & courses in Switzerland and internationally

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Sat Nov 02 @09:00 - 05:30PM
Chi Kung Foundations Course
Sun Nov 03 @09:00 - 05:30PM
Chi Kung "Secrets of Internal Force"