Both of my elbows started to hurt 15 years ago. The diagnosis from my doctor: Tennis and Golf elbow. Over the following years, the pain started in the arms, back, legs and hips. Three years ago, this turned into constant pain.


Many different therapies such as spiral dynamic, pain therapy with medication, changes in diat, etc. did not help.

Life became more difficult as I was very limited. I never lost my positive joy for life or humour, though.

I met Sifu Andrew in May 2013. The reactions after my first session were very strong. After the second and third consultations, I was FREE OF PAIN!!!!!! My friends and family could hardly believe it. They even thought that I was just saying it to comfort them (I never complained anyway). Now they are all extremely relieved that I am doing so well.

Because of my experience, Sifu has been able to help many of my family members, friends and acquaintances.

I am so very thankful and extremely happy that I continue to be pain free.

A thousand thanks, Sifu.