About Yasmin Barnett
(medical insurance registered):

Yasmin Barnett is a naturopathic therapist. Her specialties include various therapeutic massage methods such as therapeutic foot massage, colon massage and cupping massage as well as detoxification and unblocking methods (such as cupping, Baunscheid) as well as other natural methods such as Bach flower remedies, homeopathy and phytotherapy.

In addition, Yasmin is the most experienced female QEA therapist there is.

Only Sifu Andrew, founder of the system, has worked with these methods for longer. Yasmin also incorporates QEA skills into the other methods she utilises and makes then even more powerful.

She is continuing to train intensively and will soon be able to help our clients with other natural medical methods.

The detoxification and unblocking methods are particularly suitable for removing local blockages, relieving tension and strenghtening the immune system

The therapeutic foot massage enables the diagnosis and treatment of organic and energetic complaints directly via the feet. This method requires tremendous sensivity and is an evolution of the classic foot reflex zone massage.

Therapeutic massage techniques are targeted to remove physical blockages and tension. They are often used as Supplement of other procedures.

All of these methods are especially recommend as therapeutic and preventive measures.

Yasmin's aim is to help as many people be and stay healthy.


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