Chi Kung Advanced Courses:

Various advanced Chi Kung course are available for deepening the skills learnt in the foundational course as well as learning new skills.

Previously having attended a Chi Kung course (or private instruction) with Sifu Andrew or another authorised Shaolin Wahnam Instrructor is a requirement to attend these courses.

Currently available advanced courses:

Cosmic Shower
In this course you will learn how to focus your mind and tap energy from the cosmos to enjoy an internal shower of energy. This cosmic shower can help to open your physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual blockages, to overcome health problems, to revitalize your whole body, and to expand your mind and spirit.

Sinew Metamorphosis
Sinew Metamorphosis is a set of powerful Chi Kung techniques that bring a wide range of benefits. It develops tremendous Internal Force, helps clear deep-rooted emotional blockages, develops courage and righteousness and is a wonderful method for spiritual cultivation. This course is fondly known as the "WOW" course, as this is the most common reaction to its practice.

8 Shaolin Eye Exercises
These exercises were designed to improve your eyesight. But that is not all they do. As the old saying goes "the eyes are the windows to the soul" and, as such, these exercises will benefit a clear mind i.e. mental clarity.

Eye Training
In addition to the 8 Shaolin Eye Exercises, additional Chi Kung exercises with emphasis on the eyes and vision (not just eyesight) will be taught. These exercises can have an amazing effect on all energy systems.

Massaging Internal Organs
The fundamental Shaolin Chi Kung skills will be deepened in this course. You will learn how to develop your internal energy and use it to massage the internal organs. Using this skill you will be in the position to be able to use your energy within your body at will in order to remove blockages and intentionally strengthen organ systems.

Secrets of Internal Force
Internal Force - a sought after secret of the Shaolin Masters - is now available to you. Internal Force has three main benefits: to maintain life, to enhance life and to enable the practitioner to perform better in every aspect of their life. Your health, your work, your play, your relationships .... everything in your life can improve by increasing your internal force. In this course, participants will learn various methods of developing internal force in both the flowing and consolidating manners.

Small Universe
In this course you will learn a systematic approach to achieving the Small Universe (also known as the microcosmic circulation or small universal flow). In the ancient Classics it is said that, if one can achieve a genuine break-through of the Small Universe, one would be freed of a hundred illnesses. Translating this symbolic language it would mean that one would be free of all illness and have an enormous supply of energy for great vitality and mental clarity.


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